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Brands in Search of the Next Goose Egg

Brands have a special place in our minds. Brands can be loved and hated. Hint: Wal-Mart vs. Target; Microsoft vs. Apple; mayo vs. Miracle Whip. We often get asked the following questions: “Do I need a new brand?” “Should I … Continue reading

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I have my keywords – now what?

Imagine a restaurant menu. You know your keywords are chicken, pasta, tomatoes, sauce and wine. While these maybe the most frequent words and the most common items ordered by themselves, they do not get your customer’s mouth watering. Search is … Continue reading

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What is PR Again? Your Mom Wants to Know.

The joke in the PR profession is that, even though we’re communicators, we can’t explain what we do for a living to members of our family. Mothers, grandfathers, brothers-in-law all seem to be confused about the PR profession. No, we … Continue reading

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Proof Positive

Who or whom? E-mail or email? Is it okay (or OK) to split infinitives? Is webisode a word? It’s impossible for any one person to not only know all the basic grammar rules, but also to keep up to date … Continue reading

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