I have my keywords – now what?

Wayne Kaufmanschmidt

Imagine a restaurant menu. You know your keywords are chicken, pasta, tomatoes, sauce and wine. While these maybe the most frequent words and the most common items ordered by themselves, they do not get your customer’s mouth watering. Search is dominated by nouns, but those juicy, succulent adjectives and adverbs are what engage customers – so add a little spice.

Great technology doesn’t trump great thinking. While there are specific SEO best practices for ways to organize and code your website, your online approach should not be dictated by Web programmers. Standout businesses understand the rules, but are not bound by them. They know where to bend conventional wisdom and buck dominant trends to set their message and brand apart.

Getting traffic to your site is important, but it is only the beginning of the conversation. Online analytics are like constant focus groups where your users are telling you exactly what they want and how they think. We help businesses track and improve each part of their interaction, judging SEO performance beyond views and clicks to engagement and action on the site. By identifying and attaching customer mindset to keyword groups, we can deliver more relevant information in search results and serve up content specific to their questions, needs and concerns. We can also test out marketing messages and strategies in real time.

The more you can deliver a Web experience that mimics a conversation instead of a treasure hunt, the better your site will perform. This comes from mixing together the nouns that help SEO with rich language to tell the rest of your story. It happens when you don’t let technology overshadow strategy. It comes with a posture that is always looking to the customer to find ways to improve.

– Wayne Kaufmanschmidt, Digital Strategy Vice President

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  1. Hi, just wanted to mention, I loved this post.
    It was helpful. Keep on posting!

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