About Us

Somewhere between stream-of-consciousness babble and New York Times Opinion page, Passing Lane shares insight, challenges convention, analyzes tactics and trends, and explores random odds and ends in marketing communications. It’s penned by President Angelo Trozzolo and select team members at Trozzolo Communications Group with a simple goal: Help readers find and keep more customers.

About Angelo
Too many people confuse activity for results. Any decent agency can tell a good story and earn a few media placements. At the end of the day, it comes down to how many customers did we bring you today. In my mind, any other benchmark makes us just another marketing firm. The last thing you need is just another blog.

From research to creative to finance, Angelo’s hands are at work in every aspect of the agency. Entrepreneurial blood courses his veins, which helps explain the company’s transformation from a newsletter publishing shop a decade ago to one of the region’s most sought-after marketing communications firms.

About Trozzolo Communications Group
We believe a good brand does a great job of communicating its difference. It builds a position in the market, offers a consistent delivery of its promise and connects emotionally to its audience. Simply put, a good brand kicks the pants off its competition. We love building and unleashing brands. Earning competitors’ contempt is icing on the cake.


1 Response to About Us

  1. Gabriele Schwartz says:

    Very interested in learning more about your branding with regional healthcare and hospitals. I follow the healthecare industry and wellness of humans and pets. My passion has been on the environmental end of wellness and teaching how to reduce the impact of toxins in our body and homes.


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