Cleaning house.

Moving2Last week my family and I packed all of our belongings for a move. The challenge was fitting everything we’ve accumulated over the past 18 years into an 8-by-16-foot container. Needless to say, it didn’t quite fit. It’s amazing how much stuff one accumulates even after annual purges. Yet many things are important, such as childhood keepsakes, a bed and the recliner for Sunday afternoon naps. Then there’s the “I’ll use it one day” stuff. Since we have a three-week transition period before we move to our new home, essential items were scrutinized down to the last teddy bear.

How does this relate to marketing and PR? Like your home, your organization and brand collects excess baggage over the years. Some items are very needed, some are nice to have and others are not necessary at all. It’s likely your organization has generated a plethora of marketing materials and messages over the years – a new sales sheet here, a micro-website there, a news release from a satellite location, a new business presentation, etc. The message and materials you relied on a few years ago may not be relevant or fit in today’s market, and they could be slowing you down. It’s vital to pause and take an audit of your brand, before the truck arrives. Just as your new home may not need that picture of Elvis above the mantle, your brand may not need that message that your CEO’s wife liked in 1990.

Conduct an audit, clean house and keep your brand refreshed and moving forward.

— Jeff Madden, Senior Account Supervisor

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