Don’t just tell ’em – understand ’em.

Shawna Samuel

Shawna Samuel

The account service team at Trozzolo is always sharing cool things we see – ads that work, videos that make an impact, strategic ideas that are different. Jeff Madden recently sent me the P&G “Thank You, Mom” television spot running during the Olympics. It represents a number of their consumer brands that are purchased by moms – a powerful buying group.

This campaign is a perfect example of what we tell our clients – that it’s more important for a brand to establish a place and meaning in its target audience’s hearts and minds than “just telling them” about products, services and features.

Today, there’s clutter and distraction – beyond a brand’s obvious competition. Because of the 24/7 access to news and social media, marketers are trying to find creative ways to break through the clutter, which, in turn, only adds more clutter.

People crave simplicity. They want to be able to make a clear choice. Establishing a “feeling” leads to a subconscious loyalty about a brand that ultimately leads to more buying.

Research shows that two-thirds of Gen C agree that “if there is a brand I love, I tend to tell everyone about it.” And, 90 percent of Gen C are content creators, increasing the odds a spot like this will go viral, the ultimate home run. Gen C is a powerful force marketers need to pay attention to. More than an age group, Gen Cs care deeply about community, connection, creativity and curating content.

“Thank You, Mom” says “we get you, we’re in it with you. We’re here to make your life easier because you are pretty terrific and important.” It doesn’t push a product, or highlight its own features and benefits. It doesn’t “just tell them.” And, it’s in context – everyone will be talking about the Olympics, so this spot rides on the coattails of where our minds will be anyway.

One of the reasons brands fail is their “feature-centric” approach. Instead of just telling them, make your communication about them, and where they are and what they want.

— Shawna Samuel, Senior Vice President/Account Group Director

Source for statistics: *Ipsos MediaCT YouTube Audience Study, June-August 2013 and TNS Australia Pty Ltd YouTube Audience Study 2012-2013.

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One Response to Don’t just tell ’em – understand ’em.

  1. Jeff says:

    P&G is winning the Olympics ad event. Here’s a great backstory about the campaign and insights that helped make the work great.

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