Young Ones, Kids, Minions … Interns

ImageIntern. A word that is synonymous with getting coffee, making copies and fetching the C-level’s lunch, right? Wrong. Well, at least at Trozzolo Communications Group.

With youth comes an abundance of knowledge about the latest technology as well as fresh, innovative ideas that invigorate our team. Therefore, we take very seriously the business of selecting and educating interns.

Here, it is not acceptable for these bright-eyed and bushy-tailed kids to simply collect media clips and prepress print ads.

Granted, they do help with that, but they are also involved in more hands-on experiences by presenting to clients, brainstorming new campaign ideas, writing media pitches, and assisting on TV and radio productions. Not to mention each class is given a real-world client assignment.

For example, our 2012 intern class helped come up with a social media campaign for our client, Missouri Credit Union. Many of their ideas have been incorporated into MCU’s Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook pages.

Why do we do all this, you might ask? Because we believe it is our responsibility to help shape and educate the future minds of our industry. It is not enough for our interns to leave with nothing more than the ability to put Trozzolo on their résumé.

We want these students to leave ready to take on the industry with confidence and real-world knowledge once they graduate. Whether it be in KC or NYC. And the ones who really impress us? We often make them part of our family. And, there’s proof. We currently have three past interns on staff.

So, the question then becomes are you or someone you know ready to dive into the industry? Headfirst? Then apply for our internship program and get paid for those creative, strategic and savvy thoughts. We are looking for three interns who rock at PR, advertising, social media, copywriting, programming or account management. We lean toward junior level or above, but have had our socks knocked off by younger students before.

Are you up for the challenge? Then apply at We are accepting applications through March 1. And please, spell our company name right … it matters.

— Sarah Davis, TCG Account Supervisor

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2 Responses to Young Ones, Kids, Minions … Interns

  1. Syd says:

    Seriously, apply for an internship! It’s an awesome experience!

  2. I second that. No other internship has been as hands on!

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