The Next Big Announcement

facebook-graph-searchIt seems every time you turn around, Facebook has unleashed the next big thing to make your life easier, or at least your world smaller. I don’t know about you, but I find that pretty exciting. These announcements keep us on our toes and remind us that we are in an ever-changing media world. The way we gather information today definitely isn’t how we are going to be doing it tomorrow. So, we’d better get used to it.

What was announced?

In case you didn’t hear, Facebook’s announcement last week was “Graph Search,” a social search engine. According to Mark Zuckerberg, “This is one of the biggest things we’ve done in a while.”

This functionality is going to make the content you have shared on Facebook easier to find. You may have noticed that the current search functionality is not very user-friendly. Graph Search will improve how you find information and use it. Hopefully.

How will this impact me?

Ideally, it will make your personal Facebook experience easier. Right now, information you post to Facebook can be hard to uncover. It seems as soon as you share something that you’ve found important, it is pushed further down in the News Feed, never to be seen again. You obviously found it important to post, “like,” comment on or share, so why not be able to find it again once you do?

For example, wondering what pictures you’ve “liked?” Or, what restaurants your friends have checked in at? Or, maybe you’re in another city and wondering what friends have connections in that location so your vacation is a little better. These are the types of things that will be easier to gather through Graph Search.

What about my privacy?

Every time Facebook changes something, users get on high alert to make sure their posts are “private.” If we’ve learned anything, we should know that nothing we post is ever truly private. But, Facebook has made updates and assured us that nothing will be searchable unless you have made it public. If you’ve hidden photos or limited who can see certain posts, your general group of friends will not be able to access them. As with other Facebook roll outs, you won’t be able to opt-out of this. If you’re nervous about that and don’t want something seen, don’t post it.

What’s next?

Graph Search is still in beta-testing and not everyone will get to use it right away, so you have some time. In the mean time educate yourself. Just remember that Facebook is not a static site, so don’t fall in love (or hate) with anything for too long because it may not stay that way. Try and go with the flow or it may be a bumpy ride.

– Morgan Johnson, account supervisor

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