What’s the Pin Deal?

Boards. Pins. Repins.

If these phrases are new to you, I suggest you Google Pinterest and check out the latest social media sharing site to sweep the country.

Let’s put aside the fact that more than 11.7 million unique visitors have visited Pinterest thus far, making it the fastest stand-alone site to pass 10 million views. What’s even more astounding is that Pinterest users spend an average of 89 minutes on the site. This is more than Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and MySpace combined!

This could mean a lot for your brand if your target audience is between 25-44 years of age (56 percent of users) and/or female (80 percent of users). These lovely ladies spend more than an hour of their time every day swapping and creating content … and if this is your target audience, you should too.

Pinterest is more than a place to exchange brownie recipes and trendy hairstyles. It offers a collection of photos that tell a much deeper, significant story about each of its users. You can quickly find out some people’s hopes, dreams, wants, needs and even random thoughts.

Now you may argue that Facebook offers up the same type of information. This is true, but only to a degree. With Facebook privacy policies continually being tweaked, learning who is viewing your page or gaining information about them has become more difficult. On Pinterest, people are willingly posting pins that anyone can see and share. Sure, there are privacy policies in place, but nothing to the level of Facebook.

Before diving in headfirst and creating a page, you should monitor your fans or consumers to see what they are pinning. By doing this, you can get a feel for what they are doing with their 90 minutes on the site. Then you can use this information to develop content that draws on the human characteristics that they have in common with your brand.

Chobani Greek Yogurt does this very well. You are probably thinking, “What on earth could a yogurt company pin that makes it sound human?” It pins about what matters to its brand and its target audience – moms (shocking, I know), and good nutritious food!

They have boards that focus on babies, ways to cut calories from recipes and even kitchen ideas. They provide information their audience can relate to, use and get inspired by that stays true to their brand personality. This is why they have garnered more than 4,000 followers.

So don’t just jump on the Pinning bandwagon with any ol’ information. Get on and show your fans your human side … through pins.

– Sarah Davis, Account Executive

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2 Responses to What’s the Pin Deal?

  1. Sarah Gordon says:

    Very interesting! Any insight into how regulated industries (I’m thinking pharma) could get involved?

    • Like with any other social media outlet, regulated industries such as pharmaceutical and financial have to be very careful about the information that they post (i.e. steering away from providing advice or using any of their consumer’s personal information). So I’d recommend creating boards that are related to your product and brand. In your case, I would do boards like healthy recipes, killer workout routines, our employee’s dreams. Create content and boards that your consumers would find useful in their quest for a healthier, better life. However, it is still a good idea to clear creating a page and content ideas with your lawyers first.

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