Social Media Speak

Sarah Davis

When clients approach us for help setting up or managing their social media presence, they often struggle between the need to sell and the desire to help.

Initially, they lean more toward selling. They want to tell the world how great their brand is, how everyone loves them and how there is no better business than theirs. Granted, for many of our clients this is true, but this is not why people use social media.

At Trozzolo, we know that social media outlets are not sales channels. After all, 43 percent of people have “de-liked” a brand because it was overly promotional.

This is a huge statistic, given that people on average only like two to five brands on Facebook. Instead of selling to your friends, followers, etc., try helping them.

Think about it for a second – why do you like Facebook? Twitter? Google+? What is it that drives you to look at these sites once, twice or 10 times a day?

You get on to have a social connection. You like seeing what your friends are doing, what they are talking about or finding out more about Kim Kardashian’s failed marriage.

That’s why we love social media so much – because it is about people. It is our own world composed of updates on people we’ve known, loved, aspired to be and perhaps even disliked.

More importantly, it’s a world that revolves around everyone’s favorite word … me. People can voice their opinions, discuss what they like and dislike or post a picture of something they just saw. In essence, we are all creating news.

Hence, the power of social media: We (the consumers) are now able to influence and sway companies and brands just by posting on their walls or replying to a tweet.

Ask them questions, talk to them like a human being (not a brand) and answer in a timely manner. People come to a brand’s page not to be its BFF, but to interact with it on a personal level.

They want to feel that the brand cares about them. This does not mean writing giant “I Love You’s” all over the brand profile. It means taking the time to note and remember those fans who frequently ask questions or post about their undying love for your brand. It means engaging with them on a first-name basis. It means showing them that their business/money means more to you than anything else in the world (even more than your biggest client).

Social media has given brands this opportunity. So take hold already … be personal, be helpful and please don’t sell.

— Sarah Davis, Account Executive


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