It’s Not About You. It’s About Your Audience.

Shawna Samuel

At Trozzolo we often say, “We’re not the nod squad.” If a client is looking for a yes-man to do exactly what they ask and no more, we’re not a good fit.

We’re always thinking – playing the devil’s advocate, examining the big picture. I’ve heard Pasquale say, “If we’re all thinking alike, then nobody’s really thinking.”

This approach can make clients uncomfortable, but that’s a good thing.

The key to successful marketing is standing out from your competition. It’s vital to leverage your unique differentiator – what makes you a better choice than your competition. That’s challenging when you’re trying to build a brand because it’s uncomfortable being different. It’s much safer to look like the other guys – stay in the mainstream.

Marketing guru Seth Godin recently posted in his blog, “Pleasing everyone with our work is impossible. As soon as you work hard to please everyone, you have no choice but to sand off the edges, pleasing some people less in order to please others a bit more.”

Many times we help clients navigate layers and layers of approvals. An important aspect of the process is reminding them that those who are approving the work are usually not the target audience for the message.

One of our clients is a large university specializing in postgraduate degrees for adult learners. When we developed a new campaign targeted to undergrad students for summer classes, the work looked very different from previous campaigns aimed at a different audience. It made the “approvers” uncomfortable. That’s OK! If it didn’t, we wouldn’t be doing our job.

Not only is pleasing everyone impossible – it’s not right to try. It wastes the valuable time and energy of our client, our creative team developing the campaign and the target audience. We must focus on the one group we are trying to influence. And, sorry, that’s probably not you.

— Shawna Samuel, TCG Account Vice President

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One Response to It’s Not About You. It’s About Your Audience.

  1. Terri Hurd says:

    Right on, Shawna! It’s a great question to have in our marketing toolbox: : “Are we talking to ourselves or to our audience?” It’s amazing how many times just asking the question roots out the flaw in the messaging. Good post!

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